Australian Professionals

RGM provides Australian professionals with immigration assistance on all aspects of U.S. immigration law. Our clients typically include Australian professionals applying for the E-3 temporary work visa, Australian companies that are relocating personnel to the U.S; Australian investors and entrepreneurs looking to establish a new business in the U.S; and other individuals requiring assistance with non-immigrant visas or permanent residency.

As a former Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, Mr. McKenzie has experience working with businesses and companies from the Oceania region and as a result is able to provide comforting familiarity in a complex area of U.S. law that is constantly changing and evolving.

​If you’re an Australian professional and/or citizen who is in need of U.S. immigration assistance, contact RGM Law for a thorough and extensive review of your options.

Must have a job offer from a US Employer demonstrating a specialty occupation.
Must show evidence of a US bachelors degree or its equivalent. In the absence of academic credentials, the applicant must demonstrate that they have the required experience that is the equivalent of the US bachelors degree.
There must be a certified labor condition application filed with the Department of Labor.​

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