EB-5 Investors

The U.S. welcomes alien investors who have the skills and financial resources to open a new business, purchase an existing business, or pool assets with other immigrant investors to make a qualifying business investment.

EB-5 Qualifications
There are two primary qualifications for the EB-5 visa program: 1) a capital investment of $800,000 to $1,050,000; and 2) these investments must result in the creation or preservation of at least ten (10) full-time jobs for U.S. workers.

Regional Center Approach
Regional Centers make it easier for investor applicants to participate in the EB-5 visa program, and many investors prefer to invest in a Regional Center for this reason.

An EB-5 Regional Center is a specially-approved economic development agency or organization devoted to new job creation within its surrounding geographic area. The types of business investments available generally reflect the local economy surrounding the Regional Center. Approved investment activities range from manufacturing to health care, vineyards, military base reconstruction, automotive services, hotel construction, restaurant management, office development, and shopping centers.

There are several advantages of applying through a Regional Center:


Lower investment levels. Capital from multiple EB-5 investors can be pooled to create larger investment opportunities. You may be able to qualify with an investment of $800,000 rather than $1.05 million.

Flexible job creation measures. Investors are credited for both direct and indirect job creation. For example, jobs created by independent suppliers or other vendors to the EB-5 business count toward the job creation requirement.

Less day-to-day business involvement. Regional Center investors can take a more strategic role in business management. For example, a limited partner in a limited partnership can qualify for EB-5 participation in an EB-5 enterprise approved by a Regional Center.


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