New Zealand investor visas

New Zealand is one of the world’s most stable and well-governed nations and offers an attractive destination for investment, business, and raising a family. The country is consistently ranked in the top 10 in terms of protecting investors, starting a business, and for ease of doing business. New Zealand also offers a great work-life balance with world-class education and healthcare systems.

Rohan McKenzie is a New Zealander who is now based in Washington, DC as the Principal Attorney at RGM Law, LLC. RGM has partnered with one of New Zealand’s premier immigration law firms, and as such is able to provide complete guidance and support in both the US and New Zealand to US-based investors looking to utilize one of the below residency options.

​New Zealand offers residency options to both investors and entrepreneurs:

​Investors can qualify for residency in New Zealand in the Investor or Investor Plus visa categories. The basic investor category requires a minimum investment of NZ$3 million for four years. The Investor Plus category requires an investment of NZ$10 million, but only for three years, and lifts restrictions on age, business experience, settlement funds and language skills, and reduces time spent in New Zealand to 44 days each of the last two years of the investment period.

​Those looking to start their own business in New Zealand can consider the Entrepreneur Work and Residence visas. The Entrepreneur Work Visa is the first step in acquiring residence on the basis of a business investment. This category requires a minimum investment of NZ$100,000, a business plan, and a minimum score on a scale measuring the business’s likelihood of success and value for the country.

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